Dear Customer

Product that you have bought is made of precisely selected aniline leather. This type of dye enhances aesthetic value of the product. Leather is a natural product and as such it could have scars, folds or other natural brands that prove authenticity, uniqueness and originality of the leather goods. Colour of the leather may fade during wearing, however, it can be toned down with special colour vexes. Neither tanneries nor producers of leather items can assure leather’s dyeing strength or weatherproof capabilities.

Leather care

Full grain leather:
Clean dirty leather using soft brush to prevent its scratching, next, wipe up with wet cloth, do not drench. Dry away from heat emitters (hot fans, heaters, etc.), excessive heat will damage leather, as it gets hard and easy to crack. After drying, apply polish of the same colour as the grain or a colourless one appropriate for this type of leather using soft cloth or sponge. Start to polish after few minutes.
Despite our efforts to ensure reliability and top quality of our products, reasonable complaints may occur.

Warranty and guarantee conditions

The following are not subject to guarantee (warranty): reworked goods, naturally worn-out, mechanically damaged, with impressed marks, damaged due to wrong fit, damaged due to inappropriate use and care
In case the seller offers replacement of the defective goods with articles free from any defects or guarantees elimination of defects under the guarantee, the customer may not require refund in cash.
For complaints (incompliance with the agreement) please keep the original tag. We will not consider complaints about items that have been reworked, misused, inappropriately kept and conditioned.

If defect – (incompliance with the agreement) have occurred within the guarantee (or warranty) period, complaint must be filed immediately after stating the defect. In case the user keeps on using the article, its condition may worsen and as a result the complaint may not be considered. Guarantee period covers 12 months starting from the purchase date. Complaint will only be considered if the article is complete and satisfies basic hygienic conditions and is not harmful in terms of hygienic conditions. Please, consider your choice before buying.
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