KULT MOTOR DRP - Manufacturer Of Leather Motorcycle Accessories

Our saddlebags, seats and accessories are pieces of art combined with the leading-edge technology – useful and beautiful.

The best leathers!!!

And there is no mercy – it’s just like that!!!
We acquired the most expensive and the best technologies. We have patented what has required to be patented, so we can define and create new trends. We are professional leather workers.We assure top quality, satisfy individual and the most sophisticated requirements of the customers. Our offer is the best, adjusted to the needs and expectations of the customers.We treat everyone with equal kindness and honesty. We are flexible as we ride various types of motorcycles and we know exactly what people expect from us.

Kult Motor DRP

Patrycjusz Dudziak

Ul. Mieszka I 4 a
32 – 660 Chełmek
tel. +48 33 846 17 99

E-mail: salony@kmdrp.pl
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Mon - Fri 8:00 - 18:00
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